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Behind the Walls of Terra (World of Tiers Part Two)

Behind the Walls of Terra (World of Tiers 2)Behind the Walls of Terra by Philip José Farmer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Behind the Walls of Terra: Kickaha and Anana got to Earth to find Wolff and Chryseis, running into the middle of a power struggle between Red Orc and his brother Urthona over the fate of two Earth's. Earth's status as a pocket universe created by the Lords is revealed, as are hints about Kickaha's true parentage. The ending leads nicely into the next book.

Behind the Walls of Terra was pretty good. It had all the things that made the previous three volumes great. It was interesting reading about Kickaha and Anana adjusting to Earth. I'm excited for the next story.

The Lavalite World: Kickaha, Anana, Urthona, Red Orc, and a human named McKay are transported to an ever-morphing planet called the Lavalite World by Urthona, its creator. After being seperated and re-united, Kickaha and Anana, with McKay in tow, go on a quest for Urthona's floating palace, their ticket off the Lavalite World.

I have to admit the title didn't wow me but the intrigue between Urthona, Red Orc, and the duo of Kickaha and Anana was great. Farmer does a good job of making Kickaha competent and resourceful without making him seem like a super hero. Some of the denizens of the Lavalite world were like something out of a Lovecraft novel. I'm dying to see how Farmer wraps things up in the next book and I have a feeling I'll be tracking down Red Orc's Rage once I finish More Than Fire.

More Than Fire: The story starts with Kickaha and Anana on a world populated by tripod people after someone trapped the portal to Earth in Jadawin's palace. Without giving too much away, they meet an Englishman named Clifton, a pre-Thoan creature named Khruuz, an Amazonian Lord named Manathu, and Red Orc establishes himself as quite a bastard. Kickaha and friends go through the wringer and the ending is a pretty brutal fight. All in all, a pretty satisfying conclusion to the second volume of the World of Tiers.

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