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Warrior Wolf Women of the Wasteland

Warrior Wolf Women of the WastelandWarrior Wolf Women of the Wasteland by Carlton Mellick III

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In a post-apocalyptic world, the McDonalds Corporation picked up the pieces and rebuild civilization in its own demented image. People live and work in a red and yellow city-state, eating McDonald's three meals a day. When Daniel Togg's two extra arms are discovered, he's cast out into the wastelands, where he is quickly captured by the wolf-women. Will Daniel ever be able to return to McDonaldland? And will he want to if he gets the chance?

Wow. I wasn't already a fan of Carlton Mellick III before this book, I sure would be now. There are so many things I want to mention but I'm afraid of spoiling too much.

WWWW is a post-apocalyptic tale about a fascist city-state controlled by the McDonald's corp, although it's a lot more than that. It's a tale about conformity, male dominance, fear of female sexuality, corporate evil, lost love, and much, much more.

The world-building in WWWW is the best in any Bizarro book I've read so far. Living in McDonaldland seems horrible in a whimsical kind of way. Imagine living in a world where you have to work two shifts a day, eating only McDonalds, and everything is shades of red and yellow? Throw in Fry Guy policemen and it just gets worse. The world outside McDonaldland is pretty brutal but almost seems preferable to that kind of existence.

Due to generations of eating McDonald's three meals a day, mankind has undergone some changes. Women slowly change into wolves with each orgasm and men undergo mutations as well. The source of the mutations are eventually revealed once Daniel spends some time in the Wastelands.

The Wolves were interesting characters, particularly Pippi, Grandma, Nova, and Talon. The whole plotline of Daniel and Nova slowly getting back together was what sold the book for me. The big Mad Max style battles didn't hurt, either. The swapping of gender roles once Daniel is taken in by the wolves was another of my favorite aspects of the story.

What else should I mention? I guess I'll say that if you find the current incarnation of the Burger King to be super-creepy, you probably won't like Mayor McCheese or the Hamburglar to be very loveable after reading this.

I can't recommend Warrior Wolf Women of the Wasteland enough. It's not just a great Bizarro book, it's a great book. Period. It's also the most accessible of Carlton Mellick III's books I've read so far. If you're looking to give either Bizarro or CMIII a try, you could do a lot worse than this.

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