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New X-Men Ultimate Collection volume 2

New X-Men By Grant Morrison Ultimate Collection Book 2 TPBNew X-Men By Grant Morrison Ultimate Collection Book 2 TPB by Grant Morrison

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Living and Dying: Cerebra guides Xorn to a mutant living with his mother. Unfortunately, the mutant looks like a monster and has been accused of eating a dog.

If I hadn't already had the truth behind Xorn spoiled for me, this would have been a touching story for a superhero comic.

New Worlds: Professor X and Jean Grey try to learn the extent of her power boost, Fantomex demands sanctuary from the X-Corporation, and Cyclops asks Emma Frost for help.

I like what Morrison is doing with the X-Men during his run on the book but I can't help feeling a little sad that they're going to start undoing everything the instant his run is over.

Fantomex: Weapon 12 is unleashed and Fantomex enlists the aid of Professor X and Jean to help him.

This one was a bit slow paced but jumpy at the same time, kind of like Final Crisis would be years later.

Weapon 12: Weapon 12 is running amok and Fantomex and the X-Men try to bring him down.

Fantomex's identity is somewhat revealed and a team member dies. Again, slow paced but good.

Some Angels Falling: The X-Men attended Darkstar's funeral and Emma Frost begins "helping" Cyclops with his marriage.

This was mostly setup for future tales. The most memorable part was actually Angel kissing Beak.

Ambient Magnetic Fields: The X-Men go to Genosha and find a deranged Polaris and several mutants building a monument to Magneto.

It was cool to see Quicksilver acknowledged as Magneto's son and Sabra as a mutant. Other than that, not a whole lot happened.

#133: Wolverine meets Phantomex and someone tries to kill Professor X.

Good stuff. It was cool to see old members of X-Force and Sunfire again. I like how Morrison always brings back lesser known characters, like Sunfire, Warpath, and Feral in this issue.

Kid Omega: Mutant fashion designer Jumbo Carnation is murdered. Quentin Quire starts having big ideas. Beast and Cyclops chat.

This was a setup issue. I think Quentin Quire is going to do big things in the future. Also, I haven't said it before but I love the Stepford Cuckoos, Morrison's homage to John Wyndham's Midwich Cuckoos.

Teaching Children about Fractals: Quentin Quire starts organizing the other young mutants and the drug Kick starts appearing in the school for gifted youngsters.

I like what's happening with Quire and his comrades. I think things will come to a head in another issue or two.

When X is not X: Quentin Quire and his gang wander farther from Xavier's dream. The U-Men disrupt Xorn's camping trip with the remedial class. Cyclops and Emma Frost share a telepathic moment.

Yep, things are coming to a head. Emma Frost is one of my favorite mutants these days.

Riot at Xavier's: Quentin Quire and his gang start a riot on open house day.

The Quentin Quire storyline comes to a head in this one. Emma Frost and the Stepford Cuckoos take center stage.

The Prime of Miss Emma Frost: The Xavier school mourns the death of Sophie in the aftermath of Quentin Quire's riot, Angel is allegedly pregnant with Beak's child, and Jean Grey catches Cyclops and Emma Frost in the act.

The aftermath of the Quentin Quire story was well done, as was the telepathic affair between Emma Frost and Cyclops.

Murder at the Mansion: Jean confronts Emma Frost about what she and Cyclops have been doing.

The alleged affair between Cyclops and Emma Frost is brought to the forefront. The last panel is a shocker and leads nicely into the next issue.

Whodunnit?: Emma Frost has been killed by an assailant with a diamond bullet and Bishop is on the case.

So who killed Emma Frost? I'm still not completely sure. Morrison did a good job using Bishop as the lead in a murder mystery. Beak and Angel's kids were an odd brood. Esme leaving the school was a nice touch, as was hinting that Cyclops was the murderer on the last page. Looks like I'll be tracking down the next volume after all.

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