Friday, June 7, 2013


DoorsDoors by Daniel Brako
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

While humoring a patient who can see imaginary doors everywhere, Dr. David Druas begins seeing the doors himself, leading him to bizarre alien worlds. When his patient winds up dead, Druas is the prime suspect, on the run from the police as well as the mysterious Doorkeeper...

First off, I got this from Netgalley. Thank you, Netgalley!

Doors initially sparked my interest on Netgalley because the cover reminded me of The Drawing of the Three. While they both feature doors no one else can see, that is where the similarities end.

My summary pretty much explains the tale. The Doors are an ancient piece of either technology or magic, triggered by an invocation, discovered by accident by Druas patient, in this case. The Doorkeepers' duty is to keep the Doors secret by any means necessary.

Doors uses multiple viewpoints and non-linear story telling to great effect, telling the story from David's point of view as well as some of his friends and building suspense. I really liked the concept of Doors and Doorkeepers.

This is a short review but Doors is a pretty short book. I'd say my only gripe is that I wish it had been twice as long.

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  1. .....I just finished this book(from netgalley too)....I agree with most of the things you say, specially the fact it was too short(I finished it on 1 sitting, which I almost never do).....but I also think that some of the characters were to underdeveloped and should have been given a lot more face time(like Celeste or cho.....) and also the somehow to me the 1st half was more enjoyable to me than the last one(cuz I could clearly predict the ending from after about 70%).....but all in all it was a fun read.....

  2. I hope Brako writes more stories in the same world.