Saturday, March 3, 2018

Review: Zombie Bigfoot

Zombie Bigfoot Zombie Bigfoot by Nick Sullivan
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

When a scientist, a reality show survivalist, and an expedition funded by an eccentric billionaire go into a remote forest looking for Bigfoot, they get more than the bargained for, for this Bigfoot is undead and hungers for human flesh!

Nick Sullivan hit me recently up to review some audio books he'd narrated. I don't do audio books but he seemed cool so I offered to review Zombie Bigfoot despite it going against my No Zombies policy.

Zombie Bigfoot is a creature feature combining zombies and a troop of Sasquatch for a lot of flesh-eating mayhem. It wound up being better than I was anticipating. Some creature features unveil the threat too early and then it's a lot of us against the creatures, which gets old after a while. This one unfolded a lot more organically and had some meat to it.

Sara Bishop is driven to prove Bigfoot exists and exonerate her father, who died in disgrace after a harrowing encounter with a Bigfoot years earlier. The rest of the humans were an interesting mix - a TV survivalist, a Native American tracker, some world class big game hunters, and a billionaire with a bottomless wallet. However, the troop of Sasquatch provided for some oddly touching moments.

The story goes in the route you'd expect with a title like Zombie Bigfoot but it's a fun, gore-slicked trail to travel. When a Zombie Bigfoot gets the munchies, no brains or entrails are safe.

The writing was workmanlike at first but I felt like Nick got comfortable and really cut loose in the second half, the writing getting a lot more colorful. I could tell he was having fun writing about people getting torn apart by a ravenous Sasquatch. I caught myself getting attached to Littlefoot and Brighteyes. A few times I thought "You'd better not kill the good Sasquatches, you asshole!"

Zombie Bigfoot was a fun read and a notch above a lot of the creature features out there. 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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