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Review: What You Want To See

What You Want To See What You Want To See by Kristen Lepionka
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When Roxane Weary takes on a case, trailing a woman to see if she's cheating on her much older fiance, things take a turn when the woman she's following gets murdered. Who killed Marin Strasser? Was it the fiance, like everyone things? That's what Roxane wants to know...

I loved the first Roxane Weary book, The Last Place You Look, so this one was a no brainer.

What You Want to See is a murder mystery with a lot of other stuff muddying the waters. It sure as hell looks like the fiance did it. But what the hell is going on at that print shop? And what's with the former employee, Leila? And Marin's son, Nate?

Roxane has her shit together a little more than in the last book but still makes a dog's breakfast of the case, running afoul of the cops and other bad elements. She's still conflicted over her feelings for Tom and her feeling for Catherine but not disastrously so like in the last book.

Kristen Lepionka wove another great tale here. I thought I knew who killed Marin a couple different times but she pulled the rug out from under me, a great feature in a mystery. It would have been easy for Roxane to coast into this book relatively unscathed after the last book but she's clearly changed. I loved that she's become sort of a mother figure to Shelby and is trying to stay out of Tom's life while still having feelings for him. The way she handled Catherine in this book was a step in the right direction after the way she handled things in the last one.

What You Want to See was a great sophomore effort from Kristen Lepionka. Her Ohio setting is almost a character unto itself and Roxane is well on her way to being one of my favorite sleuths. Four out of five stars.

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