Thursday, August 14, 2014

Kindle Unlimited Experiment - Putting my fate in your hands

As of this writing, it's Thursday afternoon, leaving just two and a half days on the clock.  I pulled the ripcord on the last Kindle Unlimited book I selected for myself after not being overly engaged.  I put out the call to the Booklikes crew to pick my final book.  Let's hope they serve up something good.

The last couple days have been great.  I just have to say that Jeff Strand is an author to watch.  Since Monday's post, I've read three more of his books and liked them all quite a bit.  In fact, I gave two of them five stars.

  1. Kumquat
  2. Kutter
  3. Stalking You Now
I'll save my final thoughts for Sunday morning, when I try to weave my Kindle Unlimited experience into something substantial.

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