Wednesday, August 13, 2014


 KutterKutter by Jeff Strand

While on a hunt, serial killer Charlie finds an injured dog in the park, brings him home, and names him Kutter. Hilarity ensues and Charlie's life is changed forever.

This is the twenty-fifth book in my Kindle Unlimited Experiment. For the 30 day trial, I'm only reading books that are part of the program and keeping track what the total cost of the books would have been.

One of the benefits of this somewhat misguided KU experiment of mine is that I get to try a lot of authors for free. Jeff Strand is swiftly becoming one of my new favorites.

Kutter is the age-old story of a man and his dog. Only this time, the man is a serial killer. The way Kutter transforms Charlie is hilarious but still pretty plausible. As Charlie takes baby steps toward normalcy, things from his past start floating to the surface and he has some decisions to make.

Much like Stalking You Now, Kutter is hilarious without becoming silly. Strand points out some of the absurdities involved with being a serial killer in clever ways. His writing reminds me of a more serious Christopher Moore.

Even though it's largely a dark humor novel, there are a couple tender moments in the book, especially if you're a dog lover.

The novella continues to be my preferred delivery system for horror and Jeff Strand is proving to be a great delivery man. Four out of five stars.

Current Kindle Unlimited Savings Total: $130.85.

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