Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Review: Adam Copeland on Edge

Adam Copeland on Edge Adam Copeland on Edge by Adam Copeland
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Adam Copeland on Edge is the story of WWE wrestler Edge.

I was never that into Edge when I was a wrestling fan but I needed something to read at my desk during slow times. Yeah, I'm a sucker for $3.99 wrestling biographies.

Adam Copeland on Edge was a little slow in the early goings. Call me heartless but I don't really care enough about a wrestler's life pre-wrestling to spend 20% of a biography reading about it. Anyway, young Adam won an essay contest and got his wrestling training for free.

From there, things picked up. Edge had some great road stories from his early days, like driving across frozen lakes to get to the next town in remote parts of the Canadian wilderness, and waking up with Rhyno spooning him on one occasion. After some ill-advised bookings, he finally got noticed by the WWE.

His WWE career up to that point was given the bulk of the attention. His many injuries were talked about, as well as his many ladder matches with the Hardy Boys and/or the Dudleys. It was interesting but not fantastic. I actually thought his indy career stories were more interesting. The book ended kind of abruptly, right around the time of his comeback in 2004.

The writing was notches above the usual fare for a wrestling book, especially one written by an actual wrestler. I think my main gripe with it is that he wrote it so early in his career. There just wasn't enough interesting material to fill a whole book. Ten, or even five, years later and the book would have been that much richer.

All things considered, it's a slightly above average wrestling book. Three out of five stars. I think I'm done with cheap wrestling books for a while.

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