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Review: 2017 on Goodreads

2017 on Goodreads 2017 on Goodreads by Various
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2017 was a busier year than usual for me. I went to Maine, lost my dog of 17 years, and gained a wife and a cat. Thus I didn't read nearly as many books as I would have liked during quieter years.

However, I like to think the overall quality was much higher than in previous years. I was a little more selective and a lot less willing to push through things I wasn't enjoying. Reading is for pleasure, after all, not self-torture.

While I already compiled my 2017 Dantastic Book Awards, here are some highlights.

1. I finally saw the light and devoured most of the works of Laird Barron.
2. The Elephant Who Liked To Smash Small Cars was finally reprinted.
3. I read more than my share of neo-Lovecraftian fiction. Winter Tide, The Night Ocean, The Final Reconciliation, and After the End of the World were the creme of the crop.
4. I tore through most of Hunter Shea's creature features.
5. While the demise of DarkFuse was a shame, I took full advantage of the discounted ebooks. The Winter Box, Corpse Rider, and Fairy Lights were all more than worth what I paid for them.
6. With the rise of ebooks, novellas are back! The following novellas are highly recommended: The Tea Master and the Detective, River of Teeth, Revolver, and Just Add Water.
7. I did a fair amount of rereading, mostly books I initially read in the dreamlike time before Goodreads. I'm happy to say Hyperion, The Talisman, and The Handmaid's Tale all stood the test of time.
8. Other Books I enjoyed in 2017 - The Sound of Broken Ribs, Lost Boy: The True Story of Captain Hook, The Last Place You Look, The Dunfield Terror, Fungoid, and Tampa.

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