Monday, December 18, 2017

Review: Fury Of The Orcas

Fury Of The Orcas Fury Of The Orcas by Hunter Shea
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Orcas all over the world are going insane and mauling humans and marine biologist Chet Clarke has been tapped to figure out why. Can he get to the bottom of the orcas' bizarre behavior before he ends up being their next victim?

Hunter Shea and his creature features are always good for a few hours of entertainment. When he sent this one to me, I attacked it like a frenzied orca tearing a kid apart at Sea World.

Sharing a lot with They Rise, Fury of the Orcas is another species on the rampage book, a b-movie funfest in book form. People are introduced only to die horribly. There's chaos, death after death, and the heroes run around like their asses are on fire for most of the book. What can even one of the world's foremost marine biologists do when the seas are awash with blood? In many ways, this felt like They Rise 2.0. If you didn't enjoy They Rise, you'll probably hate this one.

Megapods of orcas are pretty serious, especially once hints of what is causing the rampage is revealed. I like how Shea tied Fury of the Orcas in with They Rise and also Loch Ness Revenge. There seems to be an uber-Shea novel brewing that ties together quite a few threads.

Fury of the Orcas was another fun creature feature from Mr. Shea. Glad I have Megalodon In Paradise sitting on my coffee table already. Four out of five stars.

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