Sunday, July 22, 2012

Manhunter Volume 4: Unleashed!

Manhunter, Vol. 4: Unleashed Manhunter, Vol. 4: Unleashed by Marc Andreyko
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

As Dr. Psycho's trial ends, Kate gets a new case: Defending Wonder Woman for the murder of Maxwell Lord!

First off, Dr. Psycho got what was coming to him in spades and I was glad Kate did the dealing.

In the previous three volumes, Kate's involvement with the DC Universe has been pretty minimal. Not anymore! She meets the entire Holy Trinity of the DCU, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman! Her interactions with Superman and Batman go about as expected but I love the interactions between Kate and Wonder Woman, both in her civilian identity and as Manhunter.

Andreyko should be writing Wonder Woman now. Out of all the comics in my vast holdings, maybe five are issues of Wonder Woman. If Andreyko wrote WW, I'd buy them all. The way he portrays the Amazon is masterful. One of my favorite moments is Kate thinking "She's enchanted my son. Hell, even I get a little 'Ellen' around her."

The supporting cast continues to shine. I'm hoping the plot threads with Mark Shaw and the budding romance between Cameron and Dylan get a chance to bear fruit before the plug gets pulled on the series.

Marc Andreyko's run on Manhunter continues to meet and exceed my expectations. I'll be sad when I finish reading the series.

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