Thursday, July 17, 2014

50 Keys to Better Photography!

50 Keys To Better Photography!50 Keys To Better Photography! by Dan Eitreim

50 Keys to Better Photography is a collection of photography tips.

When this popped up in one of my Kindle freebie emails, I decided to take a crack at it, since I take about a hundred photographs a week these days.

I'm glad this was a freebie since I found a lot of the tips to be of questionable value. Part of the problem for me was that the book didn't seem to know who its audience was. Some of the tips were geared toward beginners, like explaining the relationship between shutter speed and aperture size. Others seemed geared toward people with top dollar equipment. Others were for film cameras.

A lot of the keys were of the duh variety, like reading your camera manual and taking it off the automatic setting and using a tripod to prevent shakes. One key, entitled Creativity Can Be Taught, infuriated me. Copying someone else's stuff to figure out how they did it doesn't strike me as being creative.

I find a few of the tips useful, like using your flash to get more vibrant colors. As a fairly experienced shutterbug, I found the book pretty underwhelming.

Since images in reviews are all the rage these days, here are some pictures I've taken.

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