Monday, July 28, 2014

Kindle Unlimited - Day 11

So, today is the eleventh day of my Kindle Unlimited trial experiment.  My savings is nearing $50.  However, my enthusiasm for the whole experiment is waning.  The selection is still the issue.  I'm finding that it's more stuff that I'm willing to read rather than stuff I'm dying to read.  It's like going to a buffet and finding nothing you hate but none of your favorite foods either.

I made an oath to do this damn experiment so I'm going to keep pushing forward.  However, also like a buffet, I feel comfortably full and am not sure I want to fill another plate just to maximize the experience.

It doesn't help that I've been suffering from reading burnout the past few months.  Since joining Goodreads, I've read more books per year than I ever have.  Maybe it's time to cut back to one book per week and focus more on writing and other pursuits.

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