Thursday, July 31, 2014

Satan's Mummy: Mummy Horror #1

Satan's MummySatan's Mummy by Henry Price

Suzanne Waterman and her buxom friend Angelica are invited by the lecherous Professor Caswell to a retreat at his estate and attend lectures by Professor Vergerius. However, Vergerius is really Thoth Sekhmet, a mummy that eats human hearts to survive and his eyes set on Suzanne and Angelica. Can Suzanne's cop boyfriend Vinnie arrive in time to save them?

This is the twelfth book in my Kindle Unlimited Experiment. For the 30 day trial, I'm only reading books that are part of the program and keeping track what the total cost of the books would have been.

Satan's Mummy is an homage to the dirty grindhouse horror movies of the 1970's and it shows. It reads like an Italian horror movie, complete with horror movie cliches, only with more sex. The plot is pretty simple. Some college kids are lured to a mansion and carnage ensues. There's a ton of gore but there's even more sex. Girl on girl, girl on girl on dwarf, dwarf on girl, and mummy on girl. And those are just the encounters that involve the main character.

It's a pretty slim book at only 54 pages but packs in a lot of sex and violence. And there was a nice twist at the end, even though I suspected it was coming since Satan's Mummy vs. Teenage Frankenstein: Mummy Horror 2 is already queued up.

Satan's Mummy is a quick dose of sleazy good fun. 3 out of 5 stars.

Current Kindle Unlimited Savings Total: $64.50.

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  1. Hmm, I doubt I would have stumbled across this on my own, but I really want to read this. :)

  2. It was a fun read but it's pretty steep at 2.99 for 54 pages. Kindle Lending Library or Kindle Unlimited would be the way to go.