Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Goodreads Choice Awards Round 2 - The Awards That Melted Everything

So it's that magical time of year when the Goodreads Choice Awards takes up the top banner at Goodreads.

Let's face it.  Like most awards of this type, the Goodreads Choice Awards are a popularity contest and the winners are normally books that don't need any more recognition.  Is there any doubt the new Harry Potter book won't bulldoze the rest of the fantasy nominees or that End of Watch won't win best mystery even though Stephen King's Bill Hodges series isn't all that great?

Sometime in June or July, Tiffany McDaniel emailed me, asking if I'd review her book, The Summer That Melted Everything.  As I said elsewhere, I'd already passed on the book when I saw it on netgalley but the reviews on Goodreads had my interest.  I caved in, read it, and loved it.

The Summer That Melted Everything is one of those books everyone should read so I've been nudging it in people's direction ever since.  I voted for it to win the Not-The-Booker-Prize, and it won, despite The Guardian shitting on it and the other nominees.

And that brings us to the Goodreads Choice Awards.  The Summer That Melted Everything wasn't nominated for anything, passed over in favor of other books with better marketing or established names at the helm, books that didn't really need the award to get the word out.

I don't know that I was the first person to vote The Summer That Melted Everything as a write-in in fiction but I urged other people to do the same.  Low and behold, TSTME has made it to the second round in both Best Fiction and Best Debut.

You already know where this is headed.  Head over to Goodreads and vote for The Summer That Melted Everything in the Best Debut Goodreads Author and Best Fiction categories.  I'm not going to say the seas will boil and the skies will burn if you don't but why risk it?

Fine, the seas will boil and the skies will burn if you don't vote for The Summer That Melted Everything in the Goodreads Choice awards.  Cast your vote so more people will read this heart-wrenching, powerful modern-day classic.

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