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ChaseChase by Dan Curtis Johnson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Former P.I. Cameron Chase joins the Department of Extranormal Operations and investigates metahuman activity. But what dark secret is she harboring...

I picked up Chase because Cameron Chase was a supporting cast member of the Manhunter series by Marc Andreyko. Chase has a flavor that's somewhere in between Manhunter and Gotham Central. It almost feels like an ancestor of sorts of both books.

Chase's cases see her interacting with Batman, Clayface, the Suicide Squad, and many others. It's a slice of 90's comic nostalgia for me. Notable guest stars include the version of the Teen Titans led by The Atom, Connor Hawke as Green Arrow, the electric blue Superman, and the greatest Green Lantern to ever wear a ring, the crab-masked Kyle Rayner. Let's see how long it takes Terry to notice that last one. Other guest stars include Alan Scott as Sentinel and a tale of the past featuring the Hal Jordan Green Lantern and his cousin Air Wave. Chase's interactions with Batman were my favorite part of the story. I'm glad she's currently making appearances in one of the Bat-books.

The stories of the main Chase series are very well done, delving into Chase's background as she goes on cases. The various other stories within are fairly unnecessary. Did I really need to read Chase #1000000 or the various secret files issues? I did not. Chase 1-9 were very well done. The rest of the collection dragged it down.

Three stars. If you liked Cameron Chase's appearances in other books, you'll like her here.

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