Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunset Express

Sunset Express (Elvis Cole, #6)Sunset Express by Robert Crais
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Millionaire restauranteur Teddy Martin is charged with his wife's murder and hires celebrity attorney Jonathan Green, who hires Elvis Cole to prove an LAPD detective planted evidence. Will Elvis uncover more than he bargained for?

Robert Crais's Elvis Cole series is slowly climbing the ranks of my favorite detective series. This one, a take off on the O.J. Simpson case, explores the legal system and how it is inherently full of shit.

The supporting cast is an interesting bunch, from the slimey lawyers like Green and Truly, to Kerris, to lowlifes like James Lester, to cops like Angela Rossi and Dan Tomsic. Anglea in particular is bad ass and I hope Crais uses her again later in the series. I like Elvis's relationship with Lucy and Ben quite a bit, even though he fell for her a little too quickly. I'm hoping their relationship actually goes somewhere and she doesn't Susan Silverman the rest of the series for me.

Elvis and Joe Pike do what they do best: wander around, pissing people off, until the shooting starts. It's a little formulaic but I like how Crais saves most of the action for the end.

Any complaints? Not really. Crais is a good mystery writer and this is another worthwhile entry in the Elvis Cole series.

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