Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Ojo (En Espanol): Ojo (En Espanol)Ojo (En Espanol): Ojo by Sam Kieth
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Annie was living with her grandpa and sister after the death of her mom when she found Ojo, a strange little tentacled creature and made it her pet. Since Ojo only drew nourishment from its mother, Annie begins feeding the mother roadkill and things. Or is Ojo just a way of coping with her mother's death...

Ojo has a lot of similarities with the Maxx. While there are monsters, it's really a story about coping with loss. Annie and her sister both refuse to talk about their mother's death. Ojo, while a tentacled eyeball thing, is Annie's coping mechanism. It's a really good story. Weird but also pretty emotional. About halfway through The Maxx, you could see that Sam wasn't writing about super heroes, he was writing about people and their baggage. This is a lot like what the Maxx would have been like if The Maxx wasn't in it.

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